Durian Mochi/ Durian Daifuku 榴莲麻曙

Here comes the durian season again! Everywhere I go, I see these spiky thorny fruits that warrant much love and hate. Some people swore by it, but some couldn't even stand the smell of it. How about you?

I was only planning to buy 2 boxes of durian, but the seller was on his mission to persuade me to get 3 boxes. Ends up, I bought 2 boxes and he gave me 1 box for free! Who can resist it, right? So now, I have to think of creative ways to get my family to finish them off!

Durian mochi, yummy yummy!

Durian Mochi

Durian Mochi
Makes around 12 mochi

  • 1 cup glutinous rice flour
  • 1/4 sugar
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 5 tablespoon durian paste (scrape out from fresh durian)
  • a pinch of salt
  • some cornstarch/ potato starch for dusting
Cooking Directions
  1. In a saucepan, mix the glutinous rice flour, sugar, and milk, and salt together until no visible lump.
  2. Over medium low heat, heat up the mixture, keep stirring. It will start to thicken.
  3. Remove from heat once the mixture turn dough-like.
  4. Heavily dust a flat surface with cornstarch / potato starch.
  5. Move the glutinous rice dough onto the surface. Dust the dough with cornstarch / potato starch, and start rolling it flat.
  6. Cut the flatten dough into squares.
  7. On each pieces, place around a teaspoon of durian paste (not too much or else the mochi couldn't close up) and wrap it up. Gently press the edges to seal it up.
  8. Dust the mochi with cornstartch / potato starch.
  9. Keep the mochi in the fridge if not consume immediately.

  • 糯米粉 一杯
  • 糖 1/4 
  • 牛奶3/4 杯
  • 榴莲果肉 5 汤匙
  • 盐 适量
  • 玉蜀黍粉 适量
Cooking Directions
  1. 糯米粉,糖,牛奶 和盐搅拌均匀。
  2. 热锅,将(1)的糯米粉糊以中低温加热。要一直搅拌以防烧焦。糯米粉糊受热会开始结成块。
  3. 当糯米粉糊全部变成糯米粉团,将粉团取出。
  4. 在一个平面的工作台,撒上玉蜀黍粉(要完全覆盖工作台以防止糯米粉团黏在工作台上)。
  5. 将糯米粉团放在平面的工作台上,撒上玉蜀黍粉,滚成大约2-3mm薄片。
  6. 切成四角形。
  7. 在每片四角形的面团上放一些榴莲(不可放太多否则面团关不起来),用面团把榴莲包起来。连接口上稍微按压关起。
  8. 在包好的麻曙上撒上玉蜀黍粉。
  9. 如果没有立刻食用,请收入冰箱。


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