Slappy cakes

What is the fun of having pancakes? To some it was the variety of toppings, others the taste, and me? The fun of making it!

A basic pancake batter at Slappy Cakes cost $8, you will be provided with a bottle of pancake mix, maple syrup and butter cube. For the batter, you can choose between buttermilk, wholegrain, peanut butter, chocolate and zucchini. Thereafter, you get to choose the fixings. Slappy Cakes offers both sweet and savory options for fixings. Our choice was banana and bacon bits which were at $1.5 and $2 each.

Slappy Cakes zucchini pancake

What set this pancake place apart was that you get to make your own pancakes. If you are bringing kids, this will be a fun activity over mealtime.


Here we go. Could you tell what those shapes were? We had a fun guessing game at the table.


Slappy Cakes offers whole day breakfast. The portion was rather big and surely provided us with enough energy for the rest of the day.

Classic breakfast $16.50
Feel the crisp in every bite! The bacon streak was fried to crisp and it goes perfectly with the soft scrambled egg.

Classic breakfast

Vegetable benedict $13.5
The 2 poached eggs were cooked just right. Poking through the egg with a fork, we watched the runny egg yolk flowed out effortlessly. It was so exciting try to scoop up the running egg yolk and bring it right into the mouth! The hollandaise sauce drizzled over the egg tasted slight lemony with smooth and creamy consistency. It was served with sauteed mushroom, caramelized onion, spinach and tomato over toasted brioche.

Vegetable benedict

With our happy stomachs, we headed to our next stop - Pasarbella, a gourmet market place mirroring farmer's market in Europe/ US.



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