Krispy Kreme

Oh... how I adore doughnut, but thinking about the calories accompanying each delicious bite always get me think twice before eating 'em. After reading many reviews and drooling over countless computer-screen-licking good photos of the Krispy Kreme doughnut, I finally made up my mind to try it. 

It was a Saturday morning, seems like the craze for Krispy Kreme had quiet down a little, the queue was not as long as I expected. Buying a minimum of 6 doughnuts entitle you to a box, but I decided that I am happy with just 2.

I love red velvet cake. Red velvet doughnut ($2.9)? Surely this is a must-try for me! The color was so attractive, I picked this up almost immediately. The red velvet doughnut was dunked in sugar glaze (or was it white chocolate? Pardon my ignorance, it was so sweet that I couldn't really tell) and sprinkled with crumbled red velvet cake. Biting down the doughnut, it felt like you are having a red velvet cupcake because of the dense texture of the doughnut. It crumbled easily and almost melt in the mouth. The milky white sugar glaze did not only perk up the look of the doughnut, it also gave me a real sugar rush. Imagine the explosion of sweetness in each bite!

I was attracted to this black and white combination - choco kreme cake ($2.9). After being placed in the paper bag, this doughnut was not at its tip top condition for photo. The doughnut was topped with soft whipped cream and oreo crumbs. Personally, I prefer this one over the red velvet one, because it was not as sweet and I could still taste the chocolate in the doughnut. The little kid in me was secretly begging for more.

It was love at first bite, the texture of the doughnut was simply awesome. But beware, it will surely send your blood sugar sky high!


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