Review of Cryowerx Smart Fridge (Self-Service Fridge) 智能自动贩卖冰箱


Do you get excited trying out new technology? As for me, I certainly do!

Vending machine I had used many times, but this fresh food self-vending fridge from Cryowerx, hmm something I couldn't wait to get my itchy hands on. It is something totally different. You can't buy fragile food  from the usual vending machine, else they will break or look unappetising the moment it drops out, or when you are frantically trying to pull it out through the small rathole. 

This fridge, however, although looking just like the usual fridge you see in convenience shop like 7-eleven, it allows you to open the fridge, hand-pick your food, examine closely until you are totally satisfied; the moment you decides on it and remove it from the fridge (and close the door of course), the fridge automatically collects payment from you. 

What is the advantage of using it then? So, imagine buying your fragile dessert like macaron or cheesecake, glass-bottled fruit juice, or even salad, bento set or sushi from the fridge, without the need to queue or traveling to the restaurant itself. A sudden craving or hunger pang at late night? No problem, the fridge is still in operation (as long as your favorite food has not ran out of stock yet). Time-saving, convenience, 24-hour availability, just to name a few. 

The potential of the fridge is unlimited. From the point of view from a restaurant, this is a great opportunity to increase revenue and expanding business. Why open another branch while you can place your food selling in this fridge? Reach out to more people at lesser cost is the way to go!

I know you must be thinking right now 'the selection of cold food is limited!'. Fret not, with a microwave, all problems solved. With a microwave oven placing adjacent to the fridge, you can easily heat up bento, noodles or even soup! 

Now enough to of the introduction, let's find out how this fridge work shall we?

1. First of all, download the Cryowerx apps.

2. Launch the apps and click on 'Profile'.

3. You will need to add a credit card before you can unlock a fridge. Click the '+' button

4. Key in the details of your credit card then click submit.

5. Now with your credit card details added, you can decide if you want to manually top-up your account balance (it is optional, simply click the 'top-up' button should you decide to do so). However, regardless whether you manually top-up your account, you will also need to choose a 'payment mode', either as 'pay-as-you-go' (default) or 'auto-reload' (anytime when your purchases cost more than your account balance has, the excess amount will be charged with your selected 'payment mode'),

  • 'pay-as-you-go' (default)
    Pro  - You get charged only when you purchase something.
    Con - You get $0.5 transaction fee for purchases less than $20. 

    Tip: To avoid the transaction fee, just make sure you manually top up your account by selecting the 'top-up' button before purchasing (min top-up $10).
  • 'Auto-reload' (my preferred method)
    Pro  - G
    et bonus point(s) on every reload
    Con - None
    Comes in $20, $35 and $50 amount


6. Now click the middle 'scan' button to unlock the fridge.

7. Point the middle rectangular box to the QR code on the fridge. 

8. Tadah! The fridge is unlocked and you can choose the food you like. You will only be charged if an item is removed from fridge at the moment you close the door.

After the first set-up, any purchases subsequently will simply starts from Step 6. Buying from this smart fridge is a breeze and fuss free!

This is my lunch - Saba Teriyaki, made by Isetan.

The packaging is microwave-proof. Simply pop it into the microwave oven for one and a half minute.

Digging in!

CryoWerx at ACE Ideation Centre
79 Ayer Rajah Crescent
Singapore 139951
Email address:
Contact no.: +65 6602-8084

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