9 Layer Kueh Made with Natural Coloring

Children are often intrigued by this sweet treat. To be able to peel off the colorful kueh layer by layer, and enjoy every single soft chewy bites are simply magical to little children.

As we grew up, we tend to get a little impatient and just want to finish off the kueh in a few bites, a different sense of satisfaction I guess.

The 9 layer kueh sold outside are usually very colorful. Making these for my little ones, I insisted not to use any artificial coloring. Instead, I used red yeast powder. As you can see from the picture, there are some red dots in the pink color layer, it is not easy to dissolve it fully but it doesn't affect the texture at all. We even thought our kueh looked rather artistic!

I had tried many recipes with different liquid content. This is the one that I am most satisfied with. We are a family of small-eaters, hence our kueh always lasted a few days. This recipe produce kueh soft enough that it doesn't turn hard and dry even after few days in the fridge. 

9 Layer Kueh

  • 100g tapioca flour
  • 35g rice flour
  • 130ml thick coconut milk
  • 230ml water (warm)
  • 100g sugar
  • 1 tsp red yeast powder
Cooking Directions

  1. Mix sugar and water, stir to dissolve.
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients (except red yeast powder)
  3. Divide the mixture to 2 (or more if you want to make more color), add in red yeast powder to one portion.
  4. Oil a mould, steam the mould for a few minutes.
  5. Pour a ladle of mixture into the mould, steam for 3-4 minutes.
  6. Repeat step 5, alternating different color.
  7. Steam the last layer for 12 minutes.
  1. Keep in the fridge for at least 3 hours before slicing.
  2. Stir mixture each time before ladling into the mould to prevent the flour from precipitating at the bottom of the bowl.
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  • 100克木薯粉
  • 35克米粉
  • 130毫升浓椰浆
  • 230毫升水(温的)
  • 100克糖
  • 1茶匙红曲粉

  1. 混合糖和水,搅拌溶解。
  2. 加入其余材料(除了红曲粉)
  3. 面糊分成两份(想要做多少颜色就分成多少份),将红曲粉添加到其中一个部分。
  4. 将模具抹油,放入蒸笼蒸几分钟。
  5. 倒一舀面糊入模具,蒸3-4分钟。
  6. 重复步骤5,交替不同的颜色。
  7. 最后一层蒸12分钟。

  • 收在冰箱至少3小时才切片。
  • 面糊舀入模具前要搅拌均匀,以防止粉沉淀在碗底。

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