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No Coloring Added Basic Nutella Macaron

I have got to admit that making macaron is not one of my forte. I have tried 2 times before my first taste of success (and that was because I went for a macaron class ^^). My first two trials was using the French meringue method. I was trying to play smart by not aging my eggs but it didn't work out. Perhaps it will work out in drier climate but with the humidity in Singapore, I seriously doubt so. Then, I learnt the Italian meringue method from the class. After my first successful macaron, I still felt unsettled and my curiosity drew me back to try the French meringue method again. This time, I aged my eggs, and here they are! 

This is a really basic and simple macaron. I even saved my time from making the ganache by using nutella spread because I wanted all my focus to be on the macaron shell. I omitted all the artificial colorings and flavorings because those are simply not necessary.

Now, I make macaron every now and then when I have extra egg whites, which is actually more frequent that I have thought of. For instant, when I make Shanghai Mooncake, perkedel, or egg tart. 

I almost gave up on it but I am glad I didn't. Now I am having another batch of 2 egg whites aging inside the fridge. I think I am going to use some dark chocolate ganache for that!

Basic Nutella Macaron

  • 60g egg white, aged for 2 days (crack open the eggs, take only the white and refrigerate, covered)
  • 67g caster sugar
  • 87g almond powder, sifted
  • 80g powdered sugar
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder (optional)
  • 140g nutella
Cooking Directions
  1. Bring egg white to room temperature (remove the cover).
  2. Blend together almond powder, powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Sift the powdered mixture.
  3. Whisk egg white, add sugar in 3 stages. Whisk until the meringue reach stiff peak.
  4. Add 1/3 meringue into the almond powder mixture, mix well.
  5. Add all almond powder mixture into the remaining 2/3 meringue. Fold until the mixture turn lava-like texture (Draw a line in between and the mixture flow back slowly).
  6. Pipe the meringue on a baking sheet. 
  7. Bang the baking sheet on your palm or on the table for 2-3 times.
  8. Leave to dry for about 15 minutes. It should be dry to the touch.
  9. Preheat oven 200C. Turn off heat and put the macaron inside for 6 minutes. Leave the door ajar.
  10. Turn the heat to 140C and bake until the foot appear to your desired size (around 6 minutes).
  11. Turn the heat to 120C and bake for another 10 minutes.
  12. Cool macaron on wire rack. Spread with nutella and gently twist close two macarons.

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  • 蛋清2个 (破开鸡蛋,只取蛋白,盖上冷藏两到三天) 
  • 67克砂糖 
  • 87克杏仁粉,过筛 
  • 80克糖粉 
  • 1汤匙可可粉(选择性) 
  • 140克Nutella酱 

  1. 从冰箱取出蛋清,回室温。 
  2. 杏仁粉,糖粉和可可粉用搅拌器搅拌均匀,过筛。 
  3. 用打蛋器打蛋清,分3个阶段加入白糖。将蛋白打到拿起打蛋器尾巴呈现挺立状态。 
  4. 将三分之一的蛋白霜加入杏仁粉混合,拌匀。 
  5. 所有杏仁粉混合物倒入剩下的三分之二蛋白霜。拌匀,直到蛋白面糊呈现类似缓缓流动的岩浆状态。 
  6. 面糊装入挤花袋,挤在烤盘上。挤的时候从中间固定缓缓挤出圆形。
  7. 用手掌敲打烤盘底部让面糊摊圆。
  8. 挤好的小圆面糊放置约15分钟,直到不黏手。 
  9. 烤箱预热200℃。关火,把烤盘放入6分钟。让烤箱的门半开着。 
  10. 将门关上,加热至140℃,烘烤到群边出现(约6分钟)。 
  11. 将温度减到120℃并烘烤多10分钟。 
  12. 马卡龙放凉后,用挤花袋挤入Nutella酱,用另外一片马卡龙轻轻扭动关上。


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